Monday, August 18, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (Android Smartphone)

Re-post Blog: Monday, August 09, 2010
Mmm, thinking, thinking and more thinking.
I decided to buy Samsung Galaxy S i9000 instead of iPhone 4.
Well, Samsung Galaxy S i9000 was cheaper than iPhone 4.


My very first Android Phone which now I can surf the Internet everywhere I go.
Fast update on Twitter or Facebook state anytime I want.
Plus it can act as a E-Reader which means there is no need to go buy a E-Reader device.

Samsung Galaxy S i9000
Android Smartphone

My very own Android Phone.
YAHOO... ... ... ...

Angry Service but Happy Celebration

Re-post Blog: Tuesday, August 02, 2011
Today, Mum and I went to Hwi Yoh Community Centre at 
Block 535, Serangoon North Ave 4, #01-179, Singapore 550535.
We went there on behalf on Ms Stitch to help her collect her Bursary Award.
Since we didn't check properly the opening timing (Open at 2pm), we got there before it was open.
As there is still some time before the Community is open, we went for a walk at the nearby block for some sight seeing.
I saw a Snack Vending Machine at the void deck.
Wow, inside the Vending Machine happen to have 
three types of snack that I happen to have when I was young.
After seeing those snacks, I know I must buy it and later show it to my sister.
Well, I might share it with her, but who knows?
I insert the coin into the slot but it end up returning back my coins.
Try it a few times when I realize, the Vending Machine must to spoil.
Oh Dear!!!
Finally, the Community Centre is open.
But seriously, the service there really sucks.
I think there is only 2 staffs (Ms A & Mr B) at the counter.
The other staffs must be either in other rooms or at the office.
The office is only just behind the counter only.
  1. Standing in front of Ms A, informing her we are here on behalf of Ms Stitch to help her collect her Bursary Award and was hoping that she can assist us. But instead we got ignore by her like we are invisible while she just carry on opening her letters.
  2. We seem like idiot, waiting for someone to assist us but all the staff just continue doing their own work ignoring us like we are not there.
  3. Mr A are assisting us, but while he example some stuff to us, he stopped halfway to go assist a random guy who just walked into the Community. Freaking hell?!? We had to wait so long (It was I who angrily go voice out who can assist us) for Mr A to assist us but a random guy came in, he get assist straight away. HELLO, Mr A, if you remember, you are still assisting us le, don't halfway go assist other!!!
  4. I'm getting very angry as minutes goes pass, yet after assisting the random guy and return back to us, Mr A still can turn his back to the office and chit chat with his colleague. Please le, finish assisting us then you can happily go back to your chit chat.
On the bright side, I manage to apply for the PAssion Card that I wanted months ago.
Glad that the card would be send to me.
I don't think I would want to go down to the Community Centre for collection with their service like that.
But, there would be a 8 weeks of waiting.

Actually, we are also celebrating Mum's birthday today.
Therefore, after the incident at Hwi Yoh Community Centre, we head down to Toa Payoh.
She wanted to try out at Swaton Restaurant for the Dim Sum Buffet.
(There is a promotion, 3 persons for the price of 2)
Since we are heading to Toa Payoh, Mum start nagging me about wanting to go have Rojak at HDB Food Court.
So being a good girl, I accompany her to go eat Rojak while waiting for Ms Stitch to arrive.

It was a High Tea Dim Sum Buffet at Swaton Restaurant.
I was impress on the way they serve the Dim Sum.
Similar to Hong Kong, they had the Dim Sum on the cart,
 pushing it around asking customer what would they want.
I brought Mum a 15cm Premium D24 Durian Cake from Emicakes.
She love DURIAN!
Once seeing the cake, she is too excited that she manage to
almost destroy the cake before we even light up the candle.

While eating the cake, I suddenly though of something.
So I ask Mum and Ms Stitch.
Ashley: Mum cake was $47, Ms Stitch cake was $35. What cake did I have this year?
Mum: You didn't have any cake this year.

Then I stare at her and Ms Stitch.

Ashley: Err, unfair to me lor. I paid both of your cake le.

Mum and Ms Stitch start laughing at me.

Mum: Next year, you decided what cake you want then I purchase for you.
Ashley: Ok, I shall make sure it is more expensive than both of you. =P

Counting down to my next year Birthday was still have another 6 more months to go.

Saybons - French Food Factory

Re-post Blog: Saturday, August 06, 2011
Saybons - French Food Factory at Junction 8.
My Menu:
Escargots - Garlic Herb
Crepes - Bacon, Egg and Cheese
Soup - Seafood Bisque
 Drink - Ice Lemon Tea
The crepes, soup and drink are a combo meal.

The crepes was nicely cook that is either not too thick or thin.
I have choose the savory crepes.

What is Escargot?
Escargot is a dish of cooked land snails, usually served as an appetizer in France and in French restaurants.
The word is also sometimes applied to the living snails of those species which are commonly eaten in this way.
First time eating it are scary as the first thought before popping it into your mouth are the image of a snail.
But once you try it, it turn out to be yummy and taste like shell type seafood.
Introduce to Angie and now she also loving it.

Love Story

Girl: I'm having heart surgery today.
Boy: I know.
Girl: I love you!
Boy: I love you more, much more!

...... After surgery, when the girl woke up, only her father is next to her bed.

Girl: Where is he?
Father: You don't know who gave you the heart?
Girl: What? (She starts crying)
Father: I'm just kidding, he went to the toilet.


包括別墅​,拖拉機,農場和所有家禽及現金 $22,389,630.00。”​



“在我的 Facebook。


Random Post from Edwin

My friend, Edwin, posted something on his Facebook wall.

1. Go to Google Maps (
2. Search for 47.110579,9.227568.
3. Click on the green arrow, then select Street View.
4. At the navigation button, click top and left twice each.
Spot something in the sky?

At first, I was wondering what is he trying to show/prove?
Then I saw one of the comment from his friends.
His friend comment:
"i wonder if chinese ppl see it.. as in Buddhism.. will they stop and kneel down n start praying.. hm.."

Curiosity killed the cat.
So I went to try it out.

What is the result?
Go try yourself!